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We have factory trained certified technicians, and the latest technologies to handle your every need.  Our direct link to factory technical teams makes us the true problem-solvers.

 DPF Cleaning Process:


1. Test it – Visually inspect the filter for cracks and damage.  Flow test the filter.  Compare result to baseline data.

2. Blast It (Stage 1) – Removes soot and ash through Pneumatic process utilizing “Air Knife” technology.

3. Bake It (Stage 2) – Optional Thermal process for heavily soiled DPF’s not recovered effectively with Stage 1.

4. Track It – Repeat flow test. Compare results to baseline data. Review, record, and discuss re-test history/results.


The Pricing:

– Stage 1 – Pneumatic cleaning of DPF, utilizing the “air knife: FSX technology: test, clean retest after cleaning and document results.  $300.00

– Stage 2 – Thermal cleaning (optional service) completed after Stage 1 as needed (price includes Pneumatic cleaning)

    • Phase 1 – dry filter 12 hrs – $495.00
    • Phase 2 – oil soaked filter 24 hrs – $545.00
    • Phase 3 – oil soaked filter 48 hrs – $595.00

Price is for drop off only, price do not include R &R of DPF, forced Regen (for failed DPF), after treatment injector cleaning, hardware (i.e. gaskets, and v-clamps), shop supplies or tax.